• Adrienne Rich and Alcyone

    (dedicated to all my poetic sisters–Judith and Andrea in particular) As Mercury and Mars moondance backwards (Retrograde) ————–and in the midst of rethinking everything it seems—we are blessed with the sight in the east of Lady of the Stars–VENUS. She shines brightly in the Eastern Sky in the 7 sisters—the Pleiades…Stars in the back of… Continue Reading

  • ‘BYA’ and You, Too, Will Thrive in 2012

    By Marcia Buchart Well, folks, it’s finally here: that (in)famous year of many prophecies—ranging from the catastrophic  to the exalting. One of the most thoughtful little takes on the subject comes from a British contributor to the articles in my Astro Diary: “Whatever the accuracy or relevance of the…predictions, I am nevertheless extremely impressed by… Continue Reading


    By Marcia Buchart How many of you have seen the video of Elizabeth Warren? Rather marvelous, Not only because what she says needs saying, but because sometimes, the universe gives you just the right sign.  Something occurs that captures the essence of the celestial energies in play so well that it, well, goes viral through… Continue Reading

  • Listen Up

    by Marcia Buchart Some of you who read the astrological press will have seen articles noting that Mercury, which has been retrograde since August 2nd, turned direct at 23+ degrees of the Sign Leo on Friday, August 26.  A bare ten days before, He had conjoined the Sun, being transformed from Administrator to Explorer/Ambassador. (For… Continue Reading

  • Hey– I been good!

    Hey—why me?  I’ve been good! I said that to my friend and colleague, Margaret Gray, yesterday while bemoaning the transits of our times and the fact that even though I’m doing all the right things, I haven’t lost a pound (and yes I’m working on that) in two months.  Plus the economy is whako and…and…… Continue Reading

  • Lunar Eclipses and Nutsoidness (a technical term)

    By Marcia Buchart It always feels, to me, as if the lunar eclipses are more conducive to feeling nutsoid than the solar eclipses.  In solar eclipses a magical thing happens: at totality, one can look directly at the sun.  In Egyptian and Hellenistic cultures, the Sun was associated with Divinity and Divine Purpose.  Following this… Continue Reading

  • But seriously folks…

    Astrology is an ancient and intriguing discipline. I take it very seriously.  One can learn about oneself, the cycles of one’s life, current events, history, cosmology, relationships. We can get all worked up over eclipses, transits and things that go bump in the night. As an astrologer–it is my job to empower you as you… Continue Reading

  • …a word about the Jester

    Jester: The fourteenth century was a time of “noble” extravagance. The high courts, surrounded by poverty, encouraged comedy. It was out of this thirst for amusement the Court Jester was born. Some Jesters were dwarves, others were idiots, and most were treated as pets. From these early court “fools” developed the official position of Court Jester.… Continue Reading

  • Spring, Almost

    Spring, Almost The sunshine gleams so bright and warm, The sky is blue and clear. I run outdoors without a coat, And spring is almost here. Then before I know it, Small clouds have blown together, Till the sun just can’t get through them, And again, it’s mitten weather. — Unknown