Welcoming Astrologer Lynn Bell to Portland May 30-31, 2014

Very exciting news for Portland–Astrologer Lynn Bell will be in town!

A class not to be missed.

May 30-31, 2014

Who am I becoming? Finding the Self throughout our Life
A class with Astrologer Lynn Bell   Lynn Bell photo
Portland, Oregon May 30-31 2014

The identities we establish at certain times in our lives may be meant to fall away. We all know people who have stayed stuck in a role: the good daughter, the wild one, the college star. Life has moved on but they cannot.  When our lives feel too bound, too constrained, we may be caught in an identity that has become too small.  This signals time to expand our sense of self, to step into a new version of our lives.  Such a step can come gradually, when things have reached a natural ending and it is time to choose who we are all over again. We may have finished studies, our children have grown, or a parent has died. It can also be sudden, brought on by changes in relationships or work, or unexpected life events that can blow apart our sense of self.

At every moment of our lives, the self is trying to emerge, to live fully. While there is continuity between these different selves, on the deepest level, identity is something mysterious.

The fire houses carry a major part of the energy for the emerging self, the one we are seeking to become. The 9th house pulls us to an ideal, while the 5th is where we create. Play is a form of learning, and the self we invent here. can stay at a make believe stage or truly open us to life. We will look at the invented self and the ideal, way stations on the path of the true self, and how each version is anchored in the 1st house.

Introductory Lecture – Friday, May 30, 7 pm    $25

Workshop Saturday, May 31, 10 am – 4 pm    $150

13000 Old Germantown Road, Portland OR  97231-2773
To register:  Contact: Carol Ferris rficf@easystreet.net or Maryellen cooke@havenet.com 

or fill in the form below and pay via the PayPal link below


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About Lynn Bell
A long time tutor for the CPA in London, Lynn Bell is greatly respected for her insightful, perceptive and innovative astrological teachings. She has taught  and spoken all over the world, most  recently in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Her original work into astrological family patterns can be found in her book Planetary Threads (Isis Press 2013). She also teaches for Carolyn Myss’s CMED Institute and for Wisdom University.


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