• Guess what!…we’re not in Kansas anymore!

    NAVIGATING 2014, 2015, 2016 and beyond – with Astrologers Claudia Johnson and Carol Ferris   As these tumultuous year unfold, we invite you to schedule a Consultation and/or take part in the classes scheduled soon.   We will update this page as venues and plans materialize  (July 2016-November 2016) Consultant Astrologers http://www.skydoginstitute.com Claudia Johnson, M.A. claudiaejohnson@gmail.com PO Box 223 Nehalem, Or 97131… Continue Reading

  • The Crucible: Alchemy of Transformation

    The Crucible: The Alchemy of Transformation Short courses on cooking in the Grand Cardinal Cross of April 2014 Crucible, crux and cross derive from the same root, cruce: What is a recipe for being held in the crucible of time? How does it apply to the collective and the individual? 2½ hour webinars offered by Astrologers… Continue Reading


    GREAT CLASSES–THANKS TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED.  LOOKING FORWARD TO WORKING WITH YOU AGAIN!  BEST TO YOU IN 2014. ************************************************************************************************* Let me know if you’d like to put a session together with friends and we’ll set another time for that.  And if you want a private consultation–we can do that too! Looking forward to seeing everyone… Continue Reading

  • The Jupiter Factor

     by Marcia Buchart At my last physical exam my doc asked if I had any questions about my lab results.  I took a deep breath and bravely noted both that my total cholesterol was rather higher than what’s considered optimal, but that his own notes said nothing about it.  His eyes gleamed. “The devil is… Continue Reading

  • Finding Your Truer North by Marcia Buchart

    The day before the summer solstice, we had a new moon at 28 Gemini 43.  In my time zone it occurred 8:02 am PDT.  Fifteen minutes before it happened I was cruising Facebook, snorting coffee and found this poem. While the Light (Gemini New Moon 2) 19 June 2012 While the light Singes forth On… Continue Reading

  • Father Earth-The “Must-See” Film No One is Watching by Marcia Buchart

    “…the sense of having striven against an obstacle and survived is absolutely essential…It is our refusal to recognize this that makes Mars malefic. It is my opinion that only when your Mars has functioned at this level can you love. You can’t love if you don’t know who and what you are and you can’t find that out unless you have striven against resistance and measured yourself against it.”
    – Robert Hand, “Handling the Malefics” in Essays on Astrology.

  • Venus, me and the Honey Bee by Marcia Buchart

    There may be those of you who were intimidated by the last post titled Previews Of Coming Attractions OMG…WTF?  Is this what we’re in for?  Let me find a hole, crawl in, and pull it after me. Wake me when it’s over. Let me, instead, give you two models of how to approach the terrific… Continue Reading


    On Monday, May 14, 2012, it began…a grand, extended spectacle of high astrological drama set against the stars of the Great Bull of Heaven.  Venus stationed retrograde in the tropical sign of Gemini while also conjoining El Nath, the tip of the Great Bull’s North Horn.  She formally turned retrograde the next day — Tuesday morning. This… Continue Reading

  • Adrienne Rich and Alcyone

    (dedicated to all my poetic sisters–Judith and Andrea in particular) As Mercury and Mars moondance backwards (Retrograde) ————–and in the midst of rethinking everything it seems—we are blessed with the sight in the east of Lady of the Stars–VENUS. She shines brightly in the Eastern Sky in the 7 sisters—the Pleiades…Stars in the back of… Continue Reading

  • A Tale of Two Mercuries by Marcia Buchart

    On August 2 Mercury, which had been at a virtual standstill for nearly a week, turned retrograde—just as the U.S. legislative arm finally agreed on a deal about raising the debt ceiling.  If you remember the Apollo’s Cattle post of May 1 2011, I dubbed a Mercury which is direct and has hurried ahead of… Continue Reading

  • But seriously folks…

    Astrology is an ancient and intriguing discipline. I take it very seriously.  One can learn about oneself, the cycles of one’s life, current events, history, cosmology, relationships. We can get all worked up over eclipses, transits and things that go bump in the night. As an astrologer–it is my job to empower you as you… Continue Reading


    MAY 2016 WORKSHOP WITH LYNN BELL IN PORTLAND! THE BRIGHT ANGEL AND HIS DARK COMPANION A Lynn Bell workshop Saturday May 21 and Sunday May 22, 2016 10 AM – 4 PM The 11th and 12th houses “The shadows of our own desires  stand between us and our better angels, and thus their brightness is eclipsed.”… Continue Reading

  • The Neptune Retreat is closed to new registrations

    This Event is closed to new registrations.   Do let us know if you would like to hear about future classes and workshops. Thank you–Claudia and Carol NEPTUNE: An Ocean Retreat with Astrologers Claudia Johnson and Carol Ferris September 19-20-21, 2014 Manzanita, Oregon The amniotic waters are our first oceanic experience: the mother womb as… Continue Reading

  • Chanticleer’s voice heralds sunrise

    On Your Mark – Get Set—CROW  The New Moon is tomorrow October 15, 2012 at 5:04 AM PDT…the Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is: a “Chanticleer’s voice heralds sunrise”— a symbol of a proud announcement which is perfect for this New Moon. We have before us a fresh month of moons. This one will… Continue Reading