Finding Your Truer North by Marcia Buchart

The day before the summer solstice, we had a new moon at 28 Gemini 43.  In my time zone it occurred 8:02 am PDT.  Fifteen minutes before it happened I was cruising Facebook, snorting coffee and found this poem.

While the Light
(Gemini New Moon 2)
19 June 2012

While the light
Singes forth
On we go
Truer north

North’s the song
From the star
In our core–
Never far

Far across
Mindful sky–
Center’s cool
Watchful eye

Eyes the dust
Of our tracks
Irksome lacks

Lacks of faith
Plagues of guile
Wanting truth
All the while

While the light
Singes forth
On we go
Truer north

by John Chinworth

This poem felt like a special gift from the Divine Hermes for me—and anyone else out there-with significant natal birth chart placements at 28-29 degrees of Gemini or Sagittarius.  This is our song.

After all the energetic drama surrounding the two recent eclipses (May 20 solar, Jun 4 lunar) and the Venus Transit (Jun 5)—not to mention the recent solar storms that have flung extra energy at the earth this past week—here is a magical still point.

This New Moon aligned with the Galactic Equator, just as the New Moon will near the Winter Solstice this year.  “Oh dear, is this more end-of-time rhetoric?”

Well…no.  What caught my attention was a recent article by Nicholas Mann posted in

“Many people are rushing around the planet this year doing ceremonies at remote sites.  But our guidance is to be especially peaceful and still at this time, to meditate and pray deeply, and to try to attune more meaningfully to your local environment…”

This echoed David Pond’s words that arrived in my inbox:

“So what’s the answer with all this accelerated energy, just go faster and faster to keep up with everything? The answer is to slow down and tune into your intuition…Intuition arises from the quiet heart.”

So, what is there in your local environment to draw your attention, give you insight?

Know that there are clues, whispers from your past that will help.  In the silence of your heart, think back to…1993.  Nineteen years ago the new moon occurred in this very place in the sky, on the very same day.  What did you begin then?  What came to you in your quiet heart that seeded something that is bearing fruit even now?  And nineteen years before that…1974 (and it was a solar eclipse, ta boot).  And nineteen years before that…1955.  And nineteen years before that…1936.  You get the idea.  You see, every nineteen years, a new moon takes place on the same day in the same degree in the sky.  If 28-29 Gemini or Sagittarius are meaningful degrees in your birth chart…as they are in mine…this one’s for you.

click to enlarge image

The coniunctio—the Sacred Marriage—happened in the sky even as I wrote.  It seemed too perfect that the poem that opens this post is by a local (Seattle) astrologer, John Chinworth.  There are magical synchronicities to be discerned that perhaps were unable to be heard above the din of the energies of the previous weeks.  What we have here is a moment of silence within a symphony.  It’s those silences that focus the attention most sharply on the musical theme that just finished—and the one that come next.

We can’t see this coniunctio as we can during a solar eclipse.  But we can—wonder of wonders!—actually see the owner of the villa where the Marriage was solemnized: Mercury, lord of the zodiac sign Gemini.  Go outside just after sunset tonight, especially if you live where the western horizon will be clear.  There, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Hermes, the Divine Messenger, actually hanging with the Divine Twins, Castor and Pollux in the constellation of Gemini.

Sunset at Oregon coast June 21 2012 Moon, Mercury, and the twins (click to enlarge image)

Now how cool is that?  Hermes lent out His home for His brother, Apollo’s, wedding and is enjoying a confab with the Twins while staying at the home of His brother’s bride (the Moon rules the zodiac sign Cancer).  The Sun and Moon conjoin in the Zodiac Sign Gemini, while the Lord of that sign inhabits the constellation Gemini.  A lovely piece of astronomical/astrological synchronicity, no?

So if you go out to catch sight of Hermes (Mercury) tonight, you can ask Him to ask His brother to send you a dream (Apollo was a god of prophecy who sent messages through dreams) if you feel in need of special guidance.  In the silence, you never know what special message you might pick up what note might be heard from the music that Apollo is playing.  Music?  Well…Hermes did create the lyre and gifted His brother with it as a peace offering.

Lyre of Orpheus Granger

So listen…and find your truer north.

Concert dedicated to John Cage. This video was chosen to the TOP 10 video on Classical Music on the WeShow Awards US Edition

Cage said “everything we do is music”

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  1. Thank you Marcia. This is great. Cage performed this at my college, Knox College in Galesburg Illinois in the mid 60’s. Silence is golden! Susan C. Walsh

    1. Susan, my spouse, as a tuba player in the MIT concert band, used to play Cage’s music!

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