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Sidney_Hall,_Canis_Major,_Lepus,_Columba_Noachi_and_Cela_Sculptoris,_1825A very old symbolic language, astrology makes use of the cycles of the seasons – along with the cycles and relationships of the planets in our universe and the stars in the constellations – to describe, explore and map the human psyche.

For the past several decades, astrology has been undergoing a renaissance. New thinking about psychology and the stars themselves have led thoughtful people around the world to re-examine and reclaim astrology as a practical approach to understanding what it means to be human. And serious scholarly work has brought us back in touch with the dome of heaven–the gift of Visual Astrology.

A graduate of Princeton Seminary, Claudia Johnson has led classes and workshops in astrology, as well as other programs based in transformation. She has a BA in Education/Religion and a Master’s Degree in Religion.

For information regarding consultations and classes: Consultations and Class information

Skydog Institute now welcomes other Astrologers as valuable contributors to the field of Astrology and to this Institute.  On this site, you will see from time to time entries from outstanding Consulting Astrologers.  I love to recommend sites I think you would profit from. You can learn from the best of the best.  

Skydog Institute

Consultant Astrologer

Claudia Johnson, M.A.



PO Box 223
Nehalem, Or 97131


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