The Neptune Retreat is closed to new registrations

This Event is closed to new registrations.  

Do let us know if you would like to hear about future classes and workshops.

Thank you–Claudia and Carol


NEPTUNE: An Ocean Retreat

with Astrologers

Claudia Johnson and Carol Ferris

September 19-20-21, 2014

Manzanita, Oregon

The amniotic waters are our first oceanic experience: the mother womb as source of all creation.  In ancient cultures, the great water-mothers like Tiamat in Sumerian culture, were the first creators, later joined by Neptune, or Poseidon, as he was known to the Greeks; Lir, the Celtic god of the sea; the native Australian dreamtime Ungambikulas; and old Pangu of China, to name but a few of our creative ancestors.  These creation myths describe our ground of being as rich, chaotic and fertile.

In the horoscope, Neptune’s placement is where we immerse ourselves in this creative stew. This retreat will look at the astrological and archetypal Neptune: in the rationalist context of self as separate, longing for unified Other; and as creative matrix.  We’ll look at Neptune in your individual horoscope, and in the larger life of the culture, including:

  • art: creativity and magic
  • the collective: glamour, celebrity and politics
  • personal relationships: separateness and union
  • psychology: conscious and unconscious
  • religion and redemption: sacrifice and making sacred

Because of the ineffable nature of Neptune, the retreat will emphasize writing, active imagination, collage art, and dream work.

Cost: $275

Deposit: $50 non-refundable by September 12, 2014

Mail check to Claudia Johnson/PO Box 223/Nehalem, Oregon 97131


PayPal is available at

Location:  Nehalem Community Recreation District (NCRD)

Time:  Fri evening 7-9; Saturday 10-4; Sunday 10-1

More Information re directions, lodging and meals furnished upon registration

Fyi–You will want to book lodging as soon as possible.

And of course we will need your Birth-data (time, date and place of birth)


Claudia and Carol

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Claudia Johnson, M.A.

39500 Northfork Rd. Box #223

Nehalem, Oregon 97131



Carol Ferris, M.A.

3517 SW Santa Monica Court
Portland OR  97221
503-224-0011 (H)
503-936-6092 (C)

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