Chanticleer’s voice heralds sunrise

On Your Mark – Get Set—CROW  The New Moon is tomorrow October 15, 2012 at 5:04 AM PDT…the Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is: a “Chanticleer’s voice heralds sunrise”— a symbol of a proud announcement which is perfect for this New Moon. We have before us a fresh month of moons. This one will be in the zodiacal sign of Libra (if you can find 23 degrees of Libra in your chart—that can be said to be where the monthly intentions or beginnings will be focused).

Looking up?

Now–I love to go to the night sky to see where the joining will happen visually. I love to actually ‘see’ where I live and what it looks like–participate, if you will, with the cosmos.  Visual Astrology is what I resonate with the most profoundly–so I asked this morning about this New Moon.  Is it occurring near a particular constellation or star? And how can that inform me as I begin my Monthly Moon vigil. What story might unfold in the wee small hours that I can dance with, attune myself with—what is the story unfolding that if I pay attention, I can see unfolding for me in my life as well.

So I looked to see and – lo and behold– what to my wondering eyes did appear—no not reindeer or even a rooster –BUT the Sun and the Moon conjoined and visually in the wheat sheaf of The Goddess—they look as tho’ they are “in” the beautiful star SPICA—a star that is all about Gifts—being Gifted.

Here is what Dr. Bernadette Brady says about the star Spica in her program Starlight:



A gift, being gifted

As the star is seen as the wheat sheaf in the hand of the goddess, Spica was considered a symbol of her gifts to humankind. These gifts were originally of harvest and bountifulness. The wheat sheaf, therefore, symbolized human knowledge of cultivation, a gift from the goddess. In present times this type of knowledge is not venerated, so if Virgo was created in the 20th century, she might well be holding a silicon chip. Spica, the wheat sheaf, is the symbol of knowledge and insights which are respected. Spica is, therefore, not connected with any particular field or profession but rather shows the potential for brilliance in whatever it touches in your chart.

Spica is a gift of brilliance, a hidden or obvious talent, skill or ability which is out of the ordinary. The word ‘gifted’ applies to strong Spica people and whatever this star touches, it will illuminate in some way.
How have you been gifted, blessed? Really gifted—really blessed. Count the ways. Like really count them. Say them out loud. Write them down.

I like how Astrologer, Kelly Surtees talks about New Moon Wishing as a ritual.
She writes:Every New Moon represents a new beginning; an opportunity to start a fresh in a new area of life. As the Sun and Moon align, seeds are planted and new potentials begin to take form.

One of the most potent ways to connect with the power of a New Moon is through creative intention setting, through a process known as New Moon Wishing. Jan Spiller coined this phrase in her book ‘New Moon Astrology’ (2001 Bantam). She suggests making your wishes within 8 hours of the New Moon.

The Virgin Goddess (read INDEPENDENT WOMAN!!) in the earliest stories about her is revered and adored and bestows gifts to the people—she brings wheat—dinner—food.

Aha————We are gifted at this New Moon.

Note to self— I’m going with this interpretation and here is my question and ritual for this New Moon?

I’m making a list—all day today—and into tomorrow. Already have about 50 things on my list…I am writing down what blessings I can notice right now, right here in river city.


  • I am really blessed with fine women friends  CHECK
    • and am blessed to be having incredibly freeing and breakthrough conversations with many of them CHECK
  • blessed last night to be sitting in a theater where I played Auntie Mame (3000 years ago it seems) last night whoopin and clapping for very talented and good looking folks modeling hand-made outfits from recycled materials CHECK  (seats in the auditorium not so blessed :)) uncheck
  • blessed with French toast this morning for breakfast with my beloved CHECK
  • Living near a park on the Oregon coast where we can walk our sweet dogs AND search for mushrooms now that the rains have begun CHECK
  • Headed to see good theater at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival next week CHECK
  • Looking at pics of my friends and family from my trip down south-blessed with them CHECK
  • Making a little movie about the night sky stories for two dear friends from Asheville, NC CHECK
  • Finding time to read a really good book CHECK
  • Blessed with a really good wood stove and watching a fire CHECK

    my list is going on and on…and on…CHECK

    What about you?

How are blessings/gifts showing up in your life with the New Moon appearing to just be snuggling up with the beautiful star Spica?  Make a list…or herald the beginning of this next month of moons out loud.    Ready, set ————– go

 Footnote: I will be setting up a time for those who wish to explore 2013 and their own intentions using the stars are our guide soon for late November, or December. Small groups of no more than five. If you want to put together a small group with whom you would like to committedly shape and share your future, let me know. Online is fine. We can do that too.

In the meantime—know that I am gifted by YOU.

Thank you for being such a gift in my life.

6 thoughts on “Chanticleer’s voice heralds sunrise

  1. Awesome, as usual, Claudia dear. Thanks for bringing the sky to us, especially those of us in the SF Bay Area, who rarely get to see the stars due to the fog and mists. Your info is like having a CAT scan, where we can see what’s usually invisible, and feel a greater depth to our work. Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you, Ms Astrologer extrodinaire. O my, the list. Tops on it is having a live-in brilliant astrologer to remind me of the gifts and charge me with the power of intentionality.

  3. Hi love! Tantra here! In Ireland. I am facing due south at Achill Island looking out into white caps which they normally do not get here. The wind loves me. I loved reading what you wrote. I am confronted at this time with a more unexplainable talent that is calling me to be that talent even if there is no place for it in the world. I love you! You are part of my strength and courage. That is why I wanted to talk with you. Something so powerful is happening. We are being returned to the deeper nature of ourselves…not in the yellow pages.

  4. This could be a stellar (pun intended) month to start a regular gratitude journal. Buy yourself a beautiful book with empty pages today. And, starting tomorrow, every night before bed you write down at least five blessings you experienced today. And you keep it up; according to those who vouch for this practice your whole mindset can begin to change…

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