Stealing Apollo’s Cattle & Other Fun Games to Play With Mercury

by Marcia Buchart

Ahh, Mercury:  too often the forgotten planet, except for the three times a year when he goes retrograde.  And at those times you hear the familiar buzz that reveals, not what a problem this phenomenon is, but what a problem we think it is: “…you are well-advised to delay signing a contract or launching a joint venture…Any word beginning with the word “re” applies:…revise, reconsider, recondition, review, repair, repossess.  Mechanical items break down…Carry spare parts on a road trip…Allow extra time at airports.  When shopping, keep receipts and be prepared to return your purchases.”  This kind of counsel appears to make perfect sense when we look at how the retrograde phase pattern appears in a horoscope.  You can, from this perspective, see Mercury do his back-and-forth dance vis-à-vis the Sun

Zone of Retrogradation Mercury Mountain Astrologer AprMay2011

But is this double-checking protocol the only way live out Mercury’s dance?

Another viewpoint is suggested in Howard Sasportas’s retelling of the story of how the infant Hermes (the Greek name for Mercury) stole his brother Apollo’s cattle by getting them to walk backwards in their own hoofprints, thus masking where they’d gone. 

When young Mercury revealed the trick, Zeus, his Dad was so delighted with His yet-unacknowledged son’s cleverness that he ordered Apollo to forgive his half-brother (Mercury made it easier by giving Apollo the lyre he had fashioned from a tortoise’s shell).

So: might the retrograde phase be a time when it is possible to cleverly arrange things behind the scenes?

Might one even occasionally discover that one has done things backwards, only to discover that whatever had been done actually worked?

Hmmm…if you were born under a retrograde Mercury, maybe this is a major talent!

And there is yet another way to (literally!) view Mercury’s retrograde cycle: put your charts away, put on your ancient Mesopotamian glasses, go out and look up.

Mercury is never far from the Sun and so is not easily seen; like Venus, his appearances in the sky are as morning star or evening star only; unlike Mars, he can never rise in the east, culminate overhead and set in the west.    Here is: May 1, 2011 Mercury rising before the Sun (note we use Bernadette Brady’s Starlight Program for these images)

But he represented an important Babylonian deity, Nebo (or Nabu) the Scribe of the King.

And as you watch him in the sky, you see him either advancing before the King (Sun) before dawn, following after the King (Sun) after sunset, or hanging at court with the King (when he’s invisible).   How might this visual information be used to interpret how Mercury functions in the various parts of his cycle?

Ambassador / Explorer – this is Mercury as a morning star; he rises ahead of the Sun, and has a lower degree of zodiacal longitude than the Sun.  It is as if the King said, “go out and explore / journey to this country / whatever, and report back to me what you find.”  Sometimes this kind of Mercury, in the absence of any orders, will just go out and see what can be found, sort of like Marco Polo or the Starship Enterprise.  This kind of Mercury can get into all sorts of scrapes and has to operate by his wits, often with no direct orders from “home” to guide him, and may develop a good sense of what to do and not do as a result.   When morning star Mercury is retrograde, he’s voyaging forth; when he’s in direct motion he’s heading back to court with everything he’s learned and obtained on the journey.  We are in just such a phase right now. Watch this little video of Mercury heading back to court with everything he has learned and showing the current phase for Mercury:

Prime Minister / Legislator – this is Mercury as an evening star; he sets after the Sun and has a higher degree of zodiacal longitude than the Sun.  In this case, one can imagine that the King has dispensed policy and this kind of Mercury carries it out: gathers needed information and sees that orders are executed in accordance with the royal Will.  These Mercuries operate like the branches of government; their efforts are much more under the direction of the Will than the Explorer Mercury.  The great thing about Mercury in this phase is that once one decides to accomplish a goal, one can bring all one’s mental efforts to bear on it.  When evening star Mercury is in direct motion, he is carrying out orders; when he’s in retrograde motion, he’s bringing “additional info” back to the King, to report on the success of the effort.

King’s Councilor / Jester – this is invisible Mercury, too close to the Sun to be seen.  This is like the councilor at the king’s side as He moves through His court, conferring with Him and giving his assessments into the King’s ear; he might also be the Jester who can get away with lampooning the King as long as He does so in His presence.  In this phase one might be able to be a very successful “power beside the throne” and wield a great deal of power as a result.  This ability to work closely and well with authority is an additional plus; when Mercury is in this phase, people in power will listen to you!

And the next time you read the astrological press fulminating over the perils of the next Mercury retrograde cycle, try taking another look.

In response to Susan’s comment~

If you have your own chart, you can look for yourself at your Mercury-Sun placement.

1. If your Mercury is in a lower degree of zodiac longitude than your Sun (my Mercury is at 3 Capricorn, my Sun at 26 Capricorn) or is in the sign preceding the Sun, AND is at least 15 degrees away from the Sun, you have Explorer Mercury.

2. If your Mercury is in a higher degree of zodiac longitude than your Sun (imagine that the positions of the Sun and Mercury from the earlier example are reversed) you have a Governmental Mercury.

3. BUT–if in either position, your Mercury is less than 8 degrees away from your Sun, your Mercury is Invisible.   

Where is your Mercury?

The Mass and the Center – The 2011 Pisces/Aries Stellium and Uranus in Aries

by Carol Ferris

For thousands of years, we humans thought the Earth was the center of the universe — until we discovered we weren’t the center, and made the Sun our center, with our visible planets orbiting circularly around the Sun in a more or less flat plane.

Then we located the “outer planets”. Then we discovered that, in fact, we were one of a number of centers and satellites, or galaxies.

It took us a long time to discover all this, first by eye, then by telescope, but always by conjecture and theory.

As our understanding of the nature of our system took shape, our social structures evolved parallel to that understanding: centers with satellites translated into chiefs and subjects, popes and congregations, presidents and employees.

As our view expanded telescopically, we quested for the ultimate center, and we arrived at — emptiness, and the systems moving equidistantly from each other.

Pine Mountain Observatory Oregon
Robert Jastrow, space scientist and author of Until the Sun Dies notes:

“. . . if you were sitting on a planet in one of the other galaxies in the Universe, you would observe the galaxies around you receding in exactly the same way that an observer in our galaxy sees our neighbors moving away. Your galaxy would seem to be at the center of the expansion, and so would every other galaxy; but, in fact, there is no center.”

“To understand this statement more clearly, imagine a very large, unbaked loaf of raisin bread. Each raisin is a galaxy.

Now place the unbaked loaf in the oven; as the dough rises, the interior of the loaf expands uniformly, and all the raisins move apart from one another.

The loaf of bread is like our expanding Universe. Every raisin sees its neighbors receding from it; every raisin seems to be at the center of the expansion; but there is no center” (Jastrow 8-9).

Additionally, we have learned something else about the nature of centers and satellites.

When we think of the center of something, we often think of the dead center of it — e.g., that the center of the solar system is the center of the Sun.

“The mass of the planets is about 1/750th the mass of the Sun and the center of mass of the solar system can move from close to the center of the Sun to up to one solar radius outside the surface of the Sun! Where the solar system barycenter is at any given moment is determine by the configuration of planets as they revolve around the Sun” (Michelsen in Tables of Planetary Phenomena 16).

Motion of Barycenter of the solar system relative to the Sun


This represents a paradigm shift in both scientific and social thinking — from universe as dependent functions of an ultimate center, to the universe as relational; from the atom to un-seeable space, everything is a center in relation to everything else, or omnicentricity. The internet is a concrete manifestation of the omnicentric principle — each a center connected to all centers, potentially, by volition and capability.

But our social systems have been slow to reflect our new understanding of the cosmos, and governance at all levels — nation, state and local — and social and family life continue to insist on a center around which everything satellites and from which the satellites derive their power.

In astrological symbolism, the planet Uranus represents the desire for freedom as an outcome of enlightenment: as such, it is associated archetypally with such mythic figures as Prometheus, the Greek titan who brought fire to humanity. Historically, Uranian cycles can be shown to indicate periods of human revolution, when the collective desire for freedom outweighs historically confining governance structures. Astrologer Lynn Bell, in her address to the astrological conference in Seattle in 2010, traced radical events when Uranus has previously entered and transited in the hot, fiery sign of Aries:

  • 1258: the fall of Baghdad to Genghis Khan
  • 1675: tax revolts in France against Louis XVI, Indian Wars in the colonies
  • 1765: stamp tax revolt in the US
  • 1848: revolutions across Europe
  • 1927: Wall Street, mobsters, flappers, Gandhi and the Indian resistance

At the time of the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami localized in Japan, 7 of our system’s 10 planets

were concentrated within 60 degrees of longitude of each other, with Uranus in Aries in the heart of the mass.

We are seeing in our time graphic expressions of our evolving consciousness about the relation of the mass to the center, and the power of the mass to move the center, with far reaching consequences for systems of governance and relationship.

Over 1 Million in Tahrir Square demanding the removal of the regime and for Mubarak to step down February 9, 2011 6 46 PM

In our own lives, expressed in the symbolism of the horoscope.

Looking for the house and planets in which these Pisces/Aries transits are moving will show us where we are experiencing our own paradigm shift away from an historical center to a radicalized, potentially more democratic, omnicentric inner system.

fractal strings from omnicentric universe

Mars & Venus: A Balance of Power by John Wadsworth

There are several articles I think you’ll enjoy by John Wadsworth at his site: The Alchemical Journey

Mars & Venus: A Balance of Power

By John Wadsworth – The Alchemical Journey | Published: APRIL 19, 2011
Botticelli Venus and Mars

The Sun enters Taurus mid-morning tomorrow (Wednesday 20th April), but it might not quite feel like it, as most of the planets remain in Aries for a few weeks more. Venus rules Taurus, and even though this is traditionally her season, she does not seem to have the upper hand…yet, at least not until she enters Taurus in mid-May. Uranus has now established itself in Aries and Mercury is still retrograde in Aries until Saturday, playing tricks with our communication channels. Mars and Jupiter are gearing up for a potentially explosive conjunction in Aries at the beginning of May, which should release huge amounts of energy and is a good time for seizing the initiative, but suggests the unleashing of a lot of raw anger and passion too, with Mars so strong around that time. And Venus also enters Aries on Thursday, the goddess armed and ready for action, and fuelling Mars’s fire in the process!

‘Mother Earth’ by Jenness Cortez

This is the picture for the next few weeks until all the faster moving planets (Mercury, Venus & Mars) move into Taurus by the 16th May. With Venus in her dignity between 16th May and 10th June, and with Mars under her dominion again, there exists the possibility of “ceasefire” in both personal and global conflicts, if only temporarily, and there is more of an opportunity for love, peace and reconciliation, and the honouring of Mother Earth and an awareness of the need to establish balance. Indeed this is likely to be the part of the next cycle that feels most Taurean!  continue at:   The Alchemical Journey 

Just a quick word about Neptune…

For those of you who have a Venus/Neptune © aspect in your natal charts, the article below will be of particular interest to you~ see below for link to an article titled Butterfly Lovers by Astrologer, Glenn Perry.

Remember that Neptune © just entered Piscesœ and will be in his “hometown” sign until 2026. A Long time.

Neptune © has been in the sign Aquarius since 1998 and hasn’t been in Piscesœ since 1862. So ’tis a big deal—it always is when one of these outer slower moving planets moves into a new sign.

In addition to looking to see if you have Venus/Neptune © aspects in your natal chart—look to see where 0}Piscesœ is in your chart. That will be the house that Neptune © is visiting now – With Neptune © swimming through my 3rd house, I find myself dreaming of what to write in the next blog J.

What are you dreaming of? Do tell.


Butterfly Lovers

And Other Venus-Neptune Tales of Woe

By Glenn Perry

he title of my article is inspired by The Butterfly Lovers, a Chinese legend and tragic love story. Zhu, a beautiful and intelligent young woman, earnestly desires an education. Traditions of the time forbid females from going to school, however, so Zhu convinces her father to allow her to attend classes in disguise as a young man. While at school, she develops an unusually close bond with a classmate, Liang, who does not realize that Zhu is a female. They study together for three years and Zhu gradually falls in love with Liang.  read on at: 
Glenn Perry’s site

April 2011 — WWSD?

And just What Would Saturn Do?

Why he’d pull out the yellow pad and make lists, of course.  He’d look for patterns and structures and containers and ways to get a grip on the situation.  He’d use the fiery energy to produce something practical.  He’d build an ark, if need be. He’d provide a safe space for the kids throwing tantrums.  He’d hold onto the kite strings so the kites could fly and yet come home.  He could be very useful.  

My sister and I used to make fun of our mother for having yellow pads Everywhere–and I do mean everywhere.

Our mother (with her Virgo moon in high gear) would make lists on yellow pads, write letters to us on yellow pads, leave notes for what we needed to clean up on yellow pads—-and my sis and I would, in later years,as a joke, send each other yellow pads for Christmas wrapped with–you guessed it!  ta daaaa  yellow pad

Now take a look at what is happening in the heavens planet-wise right now.  It is a lineup that Astrologers are busily writing about and teaching classes about and taking notes on (probably on yellow pads).  Look at the tons of Aries energy on one side of the chart (Uranus just moving into Aries after 7 years in Pisces) and Neptune moving into Pisces  (Mon Apr 4), for the first time since 1862 to stay in Pisces until 2026.

Saturn is currently in the sign Libra on the other side of the chart from that host of planets in Aries and that ruler of oceans, Neptune.  If you picture a bunch of hot air balloons and someone or something on the ground to keep them from flying off unattended and unable to land safely–enter Saturn to hold them in check and provide a foundation–stable ground.

Saturn down there, yellow pad in hand, making lists so that all that energy can be contained and come home still energized, still passionate, still full of possibility and perhaps hot air—but with a place to stand.  A grounding, if you will.  Saturn can provide that.

April 16 2011 chart for Nehalem, Oregon
April 16, 2011 Chart PDT

Let’s pay some attention to Saturn for awhile–get a yellow pad and make notes.  Where is Saturn currently transiting your chart?  He is at 12 degrees Libra currently–where is that degree in your chart?  Imagine Saturn visiting that house and perhaps having a chat with a planet there in your chart–what is the conversation? and what lists would give you ground to land on as the hot air balloons dance in the sky?

If you need help to find out where Saturn is for you now—consult your astrologer and by all means–get a yellow pad!

But wait—some of you are experiencing Saturn in many ways–check out what astrologer colleague, Marcia Buchart says:

I began my study of astrology during a significant Saturn cycle–the first Saturn return.

That occurs around 29-30, as you might know.

But other ages that mark significant passages occur at ages 7-8, 14-15, 21-22, 36-37, 43-44, 50-51, 58-59, 66-67…shall I go on?

I think you get the idea.

What was happening to you in those years, that might presage what could happen to you in future years–

Take the time to note which factors the structures you have created to give shape to your life might need changing?

make lists

What connections might be forged?

Marcia Buchart adds the following to post about May 2011 lineup.

Note to self: Stay Awake

The most magical thing about this multiple conjunction is that it occurs near The Knot of Heaven in the pre-dawn sky.

The Knot of Heaven is marked by the fixed star Al Rescha, in the constellation (not Zodiac sign) Pisces.

Here is what Bernadette Brady has to say about this star:

“This is the joining point…the point of contact between two types of knowledge: the joining of different ideas to create wisdom and understanding, or the marrying of two concepts to create a greater concept. This is a gentle star that indicates a tendency to seek different connections, to look at things in a different light, to join separate concepts in search of a greater understanding.”

With all these planets so near the Knot of Heaven, what unique insights, what connections, might be forged?

BUT WAIT–There’s more

It is also worth noting a striking fixed star involvement with the previous multiple conjunction that Alison Chester-Lambert documents from 29 October of 1910.

The tight cluster of planets was positioned right next the brilliant star, Spica, the star used to symbolize the sheaf of grain held in the Hand of the Goddess Virgo, “…a symbol of her gifts to humankind…The star…shows the potential for brilliance…The word “gifted” applies…and whatever this star touches it will illuminate in some way.” (Taken from Star and Planet Combinations by Bernadette Brady, The Wessex Astrologer, 2008, p. 232)

Spica’s energies added to the previous conjunction underscores Alison’s observation about events of that year: Freud and Jung’s correspondence, successful new regarding flight (Virgo is a Goddess with wings, after all), the birth of a philosophical author whose landmark work would be published when he was only 24!

Brilliance, indeed.

a heads up for May 2011

Tight Quadruple Conjunction of the First Four Planets – Last Happened Over 100 Years Ago

from UK Astrologer, Alison Chester-Lambert via Astrologer, Marcia Buchart

View of Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Mercury rising over Manzanita, Oregon May 9th, 2011

One of the rarest and most auspicious planetary alignments happens in May 2011. And with luck we will be able to see it, since all the planets are visible and rise before the Sun early in the morning.

If you didn’t understand any of that, I’ll just explain – the Sun is at the centre of the Solar System. Around it are the planets, with Mercury nearest, then Venus, followed by Earth, then Mars and Jupiter. All of those planets can be seen with the naked eye and actually Venus is the brightest thing in the sky after the Moon. Jupiter is next brightest.

Each of these planets does its own thing in its own orbit, with Mars and Jupiter taking years to go right around the Earth. Venus and Mercury on the other hand, are never more than a quarter of the sky away from the Sun. They trundle along in front or behind it, being seen in the early morning or late night twilight.

However, from May 9th to the 13th May 2011, a very rare planetary alignment takes place. These four innermost planets, (apart from Earth) all visible to the naked eye as bright stars, will group together and rise before the Sun each day, making an incredible spectacle for those with a good view of the Eastern horizon. The last time these four planets were in such close alignment was around 29th October 1910, over 100 years ago.  They came vaguely close in 1915, 1955 and 1966, but nothing like as close as they will be in May this year.

What does it mean?

Jupiter is known as the bringer of good fortune and confidence. He joins Venus who represents success, achievement and pleasure plus Mercury who communicates, connects and transmits the energies to Earth.  Mars rounds off the quartet with boundless energy and it all happens in the exuberant Zodiac sign of Aries, which hopefully won’t get too out of hand. For this is the most alive and on-fire you can feel! All together, these planets describe an auspicious energy which can bring considerable success. They should be greeted with enthusiasm and joy for the opportunities of personal strength and potency they represent.

So what was happening back then in 1910 when they last met in this way?

Strangely, in 1910, they were in the exact opposite location in the sky from the 2011 event!  And I have no explanation as to what this means. With regard to world events, nothing much was recorded, which really confirms my prediction that events like this tend to bring fortune to individuals.

They are a gift of excitement and success from the Cosmos to whomever reaches out for it.  Just to put you into the energy of the times, a Google search will reveal that the second air ship to cross the English Channel arrived safely and a man flew 61 miles in 62 minutes, winning the Gordon Bennett cup. Carl Jung was writing letters to Sigmund Freud and a Professor of the philosophy of mind and logic, Alfred Ayer, who wrote `Language, Truth and Logic` was born. Since the quadruple conjunction then was in Libra, the title of his book is no surprise to astrology!

Since these are difficult times generally, and the Cosmos contains much to shake humanity from 2008 until 2016, it is nice to focus on a good omen for a change. I do hope this forewarning can enable you to do something really positive with the energy.  Remember it is about feeling vibrantly aware of your fire, potency, eagerness and SELF! You might want to watch how you handle others; things could get a little sharp as everyone wants their own needs met FIRST.

Technical Details:  The planets begin the formation at 22 degrees of the Zodiac sign Aries on the 9th May, with Venus, Mercury and Jupiter staying within a degree of each other until they reach 25 degrees on May 13th.  Mars is just 6 degrees of arc ahead and still technically closely conjunct.

Very Best Wishes,  Alison Chester-Lambert

facebook: Alison Chester Lambert – all welcome.

Twitter: www.twitter/astrologer2

The Long Road (Part 2)

from Teresa Jordan’s blog-The Year of Living Virtuously (weekends off)

Go on over to her blog–and be inspired by Teresa–you won’t be sorry–you’ll be inspired.

He who has a why to live can bear with almost any how. —Friedrich Nietzsche

How do you want this to change your life? —Peggy Battin, speaking to an honors English class about facing adversity.

In the fall of 2008, at the age of 66, Brooke Hopkins retired as a professor of English literature at the University of Utah. Much beloved by his students and the recipient of every teaching award the University had to offer, he was also an avid outdoorsman and traveler. He and his wife, Peggy Battin, a renowned medical ethicist, had plans.

continue reading at Teresa’s site:

Zen and the Art of Astrological Surfing

by Marcia Buchart

It is quite striking that this “supermoon”-the full moon while the moon is at perigee, its closest approach to earth-occurs just before the cardinal ingress of the Sun into Aries.  The cardinal signs are presented in astrological lore, as far back as the Hellenistic authors (Dorotheus of Sidon; Ptolemy; Vettius Valens; Paulus Alexandrinus) as signs signifying action!

The “moveable” signs, they were called, the places in the zodiacal year where things are begun, where shit happens.  If you wanted shit to happen, you wanted cardinal signs prominent in a chart.

A full moon is a place where it is made obvious-because of the brilliance of the illumination-what must happen.  As Dane Rudhyar writes, “What was mainly felt in the past is now seen. This may mean a revelation or illumination.”

The path to be taken is clearly marked.

What does this portend for the Sun’s ingress into the action-oriented sign Aries?  (What does this have to do with surfing, for Pete’s sake??)

Just this: the point where a surfer must “catch the wave” is before it actually forms, before it assumes its particular shape.  An astute and experienced surfer can feel in the pull of the water when this is about to occur.  And the art a surfer must nail is feeling when to jump up and catch the very cusp (point) when potential energy is becoming kinetic energy.

They’re not actually thinking this, of course.  No surfer is analyzing wonky geek concepts such as “potential energy” or “kinetic energy”.  They’re feeling (ruled by the Moon)-in their bodies (ruled by the Moon, in older astrological traditions)-the interplay of the pull and the draw of the water (ruled by the Moon) and instinctively choosing the moment to throw themselves into the current, in order to convert kinetic energy into a unique path for them (Sun ingresses into Aries! Ta-daaaaah!).

Do this successfully, and you ride.

Muff it, and you either wipe out or you miss it.

Why is this metaphor so apropos?  Because the Moon drags the tides after Her.  The Moon displays Herself in all the fullness of Her power-not in a cardinal sign, but in a sign that signifies flux and the gathering of “potential energy”-nearly a full day before the Sun makes His ingress into Aries.

So you have the building of the wave (supermoon) but you, by yourself, must catch the big waves of the tide at the moment of action and ride it in (Sun ingress into Aries).

You might wipe out; you might ride it all the way in.  But don’t miss it.

note from Claudia

“The best thing for being sad,” replied Merlyn, beginning to puff and blow, “is to learn something. That is the only thing that never fails. You may grow old and trembling in your anatomies, you may lie awake in the middle of the night listening to the disorder of your veins, you may miss your only love, you may see the world around you devastated by evil lunatics, or know your honour trampled in the sewers of baser minds. There is only one thing for it then — to learn. Learn why the world wags and what wags it. That is the only thing the mind can never exhaust, never alienate, never be tortured by, never fear or distrust, and never dream of regretting.” Theodore H. White, The Once and Future King

Years ago in listening to a tape of Liz Greene talking about Pluto, I recall her saying something to the effect that the only way through difficult times/transits is through art.  I don’t think she was saying that art saves lives or that we should all run to our canvases (what canvas?  I can’t draw a straight line!).

remember tape recorders?

But what I got from that taped lecture was that it is art that allows us to see the unseeable, think the unthinkable and be with mystery.  Art as antidote to fear.

It is in writing, in color, in music and in the art of conversation, and even in finding images for a blog (from tape to blog?) that I find an antidote to the fears. In addition to practical actions (note to self:  get more water to have on hand, listen to Rachel M. explain radiation, be informed), I search for writings and pictures and music so I can ‘be’ present to life and suffering and joy and compassion.

The Japanese people are being a work of art in and of themselves.  No looting.  Much sadness. Days of being with the tragedies and now being with each other.  I’m learning so much from them.

Below is an article I found this morning that appealed to me.  More to come.

To quote Astrologer, Len Wallick:

Over uncounted millions of years, life on this planet has become as a cycle in rhythm and harmony with the seasons. Our own kind, humanity, became as a part of those cycles. We developed a story to account for the rhythm, mythology. We also formulated a method to keep track of the harmony, astrology.

We, at Skydog Institute, are listening for the stories to account for the rhythm and using the method of astrology to keep track of the harmony–and we’ll share these with you–dear client and friend and family.

What We Are Doing – The Vernal Equinox

By Len Wallick

Music is immediate, it goes on to become.”
– W.H. Auden

The Sun calls on us to become. We reach the Vernal Equinox at about 7:21 pm EDT this coming Sunday. Earth is reaching one of the two points in its orbit where the axis of rotation is not tilted either towards nor away from the center of the solar system. When that happens, the direction of Sol’s incident light is perpendicular to the equator. At that time the entire surface facing the Sun is exposed to the light equally. Equator, equal, equinox.

continued at: Astrology, Horoscopes, Monthly Horoscopes, Weekly Horoscopes, Daily Astrology Blog, | What We Are Doing – The Vernal Equinox | Daily Astrology & Adventure by Eric Francis.

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