April 2011 — WWSD?

And just What Would Saturn Do?

Why he’d pull out the yellow pad and make lists, of course.  He’d look for patterns and structures and containers and ways to get a grip on the situation.  He’d use the fiery energy to produce something practical.  He’d build an ark, if need be. He’d provide a safe space for the kids throwing tantrums.  He’d hold onto the kite strings so the kites could fly and yet come home.  He could be very useful.  

My sister and I used to make fun of our mother for having yellow pads Everywhere–and I do mean everywhere.

Our mother (with her Virgo moon in high gear) would make lists on yellow pads, write letters to us on yellow pads, leave notes for what we needed to clean up on yellow pads—-and my sis and I would, in later years,as a joke, send each other yellow pads for Christmas wrapped with–you guessed it!  ta daaaa  yellow pad

Now take a look at what is happening in the heavens planet-wise right now.  It is a lineup that Astrologers are busily writing about and teaching classes about and taking notes on (probably on yellow pads).  Look at the tons of Aries energy on one side of the chart (Uranus just moving into Aries after 7 years in Pisces) and Neptune moving into Pisces  (Mon Apr 4), for the first time since 1862 to stay in Pisces until 2026.

Saturn is currently in the sign Libra on the other side of the chart from that host of planets in Aries and that ruler of oceans, Neptune.  If you picture a bunch of hot air balloons and someone or something on the ground to keep them from flying off unattended and unable to land safely–enter Saturn to hold them in check and provide a foundation–stable ground.

Saturn down there, yellow pad in hand, making lists so that all that energy can be contained and come home still energized, still passionate, still full of possibility and perhaps hot air—but with a place to stand.  A grounding, if you will.  Saturn can provide that.

April 16 2011 chart for Nehalem, Oregon
April 16, 2011 Chart PDT

Let’s pay some attention to Saturn for awhile–get a yellow pad and make notes.  Where is Saturn currently transiting your chart?  He is at 12 degrees Libra currently–where is that degree in your chart?  Imagine Saturn visiting that house and perhaps having a chat with a planet there in your chart–what is the conversation? and what lists would give you ground to land on as the hot air balloons dance in the sky?

If you need help to find out where Saturn is for you now—consult your astrologer and by all means–get a yellow pad!

But wait—some of you are experiencing Saturn in many ways–check out what astrologer colleague, Marcia Buchart says:

I began my study of astrology during a significant Saturn cycle–the first Saturn return.

That occurs around 29-30, as you might know.

But other ages that mark significant passages occur at ages 7-8, 14-15, 21-22, 36-37, 43-44, 50-51, 58-59, 66-67…shall I go on?

I think you get the idea.

What was happening to you in those years, that might presage what could happen to you in future years–

Take the time to note which factors the structures you have created to give shape to your life might need changing?

make lists

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