Saturn says: make lists

In 1975 my friends Susan and Andrea dedicated a little book to me.

 It was called, appropriately enough

saturn cycle : notation

Saturn speaks through Susan’s art and Andrea’s words

and in these unsteady times, I find myself on an unofficial Saturn Return.

Susan Walsh and Andrea Carlisle 1975 for Kalin

 Here are two of my favorite pieces from that sweet book.


now there are voices.  what do you fear, they ask me, make lists.

well. that i am not of this place, that i am not of it,

that it is not me, that we are not made of the same stuff.  my form is only seemingly

its form and anyway all of this is a mystery to me and i never liked

mysteries.  and i fear the power of this place, the darknesses, the 

places where it seems to flow together whether i am there or not and o

when bits of it break off and die and are gone then and the wind, i fear

the wind, its raspy voice chills me and since you ask i fear there

are tales to be told by all that live here and i won’t understand what they mean; i fear my 

ignorance then, and the longing in me.  but i love brushing against 

it as i go by, the feel of it, making new shapes in it.  i love the

birdsounds and purrs and screeches and growls of it, and its texture.

the spots that shine. the sparkles in the rock. 

© 1975 Andrea Carlisle and Susan Walsh

You can read more of Andrea’s work at her blog: and soon Susan will have a blog right here.  She is currently working on an edition of prints and continues to make gorgeous signs for our coastal communities.



In the meantime–get out your chart and in another post–we will look at where Saturn and the other biggies are speaking to you.  Will be helpful.

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