What connections might be forged?

Marcia Buchart adds the following to post about May 2011 lineup.

Note to self: Stay Awake

The most magical thing about this multiple conjunction is that it occurs near The Knot of Heaven in the pre-dawn sky.

The Knot of Heaven is marked by the fixed star Al Rescha, in the constellation (not Zodiac sign) Pisces.

Here is what Bernadette Brady has to say about this star:

“This is the joining point…the point of contact between two types of knowledge: the joining of different ideas to create wisdom and understanding, or the marrying of two concepts to create a greater concept. This is a gentle star that indicates a tendency to seek different connections, to look at things in a different light, to join separate concepts in search of a greater understanding.”

With all these planets so near the Knot of Heaven, what unique insights, what connections, might be forged?

BUT WAIT–There’s more

It is also worth noting a striking fixed star involvement with the previous multiple conjunction that Alison Chester-Lambert documents from 29 October of 1910.

The tight cluster of planets was positioned right next the brilliant star, Spica, the star used to symbolize the sheaf of grain held in the Hand of the Goddess Virgo, “…a symbol of her gifts to humankind…The star…shows the potential for brilliance…The word “gifted” applies…and whatever this star touches it will illuminate in some way.” (Taken from Star and Planet Combinations by Bernadette Brady, The Wessex Astrologer, 2008, p. 232)

Spica’s energies added to the previous conjunction underscores Alison’s observation about events of that year: Freud and Jung’s correspondence, successful new regarding flight (Virgo is a Goddess with wings, after all), the birth of a philosophical author whose landmark work would be published when he was only 24!

Brilliance, indeed.

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