We can see Uranus from our house

please just for today pronounce that Ur-ah-nes 🙂

and yes-we live on the beautiful Oregon coast.

Yesterday, as Susan and I were returning from the vet (our greyhound hurt her skinny back leg), I said:  Ya know what? Tomorrow Uranus moves into Aries for the first time in 84 years–wonder what’ll happen. When the Tsunami warning sirens went off around 4am this morning — I was pretty impressed in addition to getting up and getting busy preparing to take care of folks, rescue cats and dogs, making sure our generator was ready, etc etc There is much to say about this Promethean passage–and I will gather quotes as the day goes on.  BUT–The Great Awakener? Whew–I’ll say.

Where ever in your chart the early degrees of Aries land–you might want to ask yourself–What sirens are you hearing?  Where might you want to stay awake?  Got any safety plans in place?  No?–well get busy. It is 8:30am and the northern seas are calm and no flooding is happening here (Nehalem, Oregon)–but we are still in a Tsunami Warning.  And the earthquake in Japan was/is MASSIVE. back soon couple of articles:

from Eric Francis

Uranus in Aries Dear Friend and Reader: Later today (overnight Friday in some time zones), Uranus leaves Pisces and enters Aries to stay for the next seven years. As the astrology picture of 2012-2015 assembles, this is one of the biggest pieces — the presence of Uranus representing the energy surge; the impulse to enter the future. This has been warming up for a few years, but now is the moment we go into warp speed. In the words of Richard Tarnas, Uranus is Prometheus, the awakener.

Bringing Uranus into such a prominent place as the first degree of the zodiac amplifies its influence, and Uranus is already pretty hot: its characteristics include fast, surprising developments; future-oriented thinking; moments of revolution; and shocking surges of awareness. As Uranus approaches its first exact square to Pluto in June 2012, we’re only going to see this whole process accelerate, bring in more communities and wake up more people. In a phrase, 2012 is about everything, all at once.

to be continued

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