ok ok–I confess

I check my horoscope–it isn’t the ‘scholarly’ thing to do and I don’t like to admit it–but I sneak around the internet or check my mail to see what might be in store for me today.

Now I do this as a professional astrologer (ahem) and I know–yes, I know–that what is written is supposed to apply to zillions of people who were born during the same month all over the world!  But I still sneak a peek.  I’m thinking maybe you do too?

So here are just a couple of places you can go to to check out what’s happening for YOU.  (there are many!)  You can sign up at these sites to have it come to an e-mail box near you.  Enjoy.

Eric Francis does a good job with these, but you may have to pay something for an ongoing horoscope

check out Planet Waves.net (not .com)

or StarIq.com — a popular and all round solid site–out of Seattle.

or the extremely trustworthy, brilliant and revered in the astrology community site for Rob Hand and Liz Greene (and others) at Astro.com.

At this site you can enter birth data for yourself or others and produce a chart free and you can tell it to email you with those daily horoscopes.

There are many more–but I thought I’d tell you about a few that I would trust more than others.

Don’t tell anyone I told you 🙂 and um–have a good day?

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