Pisces is astrology’s name for oceanic

This from colleague Portland Astrologer, Carol Ferris

Tsunami/Neptune in Pisces

Our eyes and ears are absorbed in news reports of the 8.3 earthquake in Japan, and the powerful tsunami generated by its force.  Our hearts and our bodies are absorbed, too.

Pisces is astrology’s name for oceanic.  In our planetary system, today, the Sun, Mars, Uranus and Chiron are traveling through Pisces, and the lord of the ocean, Neptune, is on the brink of re-entering his realm.   Look at this remarkable thermograph of the tsunami’s force through the entire Pacific Ocean.  Everything is moved by it, some places more than others.

The premise that we are all one, that everything touches us, that we are now entering a period where we experience the connectedness of everything, is emerging as reality in our eyes, ears, hearts and minds.

5 thoughts on “Pisces is astrology’s name for oceanic

  1. Carol….thanks for including the pix of the thermograph. One of the things that strikes me is the resemblance to a flame…..and today being the day that Uranus enters Aries.

  2. Good Morning from the slopes of Haleakala.Maui fared quite well from the tsunami.Our harbors were hit with waters flowing inland some 2-3 miles in some areas.This event is a clear reminder that POWER is truly the ability to move energy and that WISDOM is the vision directing that flow.These are remarkable times in human civilization.Yes to the heavens!!

  3. What a powerful image and great comments. I realized as I busied myself analyzing the chart of Japan, that I was trying to understand with my mind, something that is indeed about heart. It is from our heart/soul that we can most easily access the wisdom to help guide us in making compassionate choices for the wellbeing of all.

    1. Margaret–it is wonderful “hearing” your voice. I’m hoping you will be willing for me to share whatever other posts you put on your site or if you’d want to post here.
      love comes so easily from you–thank you

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