Astrology is the great bridge-Visit Erin Sullivan’s site

The notice regarding the BBC production called Wonders of the Solar System, was posted by my friend and very accomplished astrologer, Erin Sullivan at her site  In my attempt to share resources with you and point you in the direction of the best of the best of Astrology—I invite you to visit Erin’s site and take advantage of her work for your study of the heavens.

She has a video blog worth watching and listening to that focuses on Venus through the houses–very great.

Erin’s book Saturn in Transit really gave me a place to stand with regard to astrology and the astute and exact conversations that occur when one looks at the Saturn cycle in one’s life.

on Erin’s blog:

The Astrological Association of Great Britain is, at present, collecting the names and email address of all who wish make known their objections to the misrepresentation of astrology by astronomers specific to the BBC Programme “Wonders of the Solar System“.

Please click on the submit button if you would like your name added to the petition, thereby helping the otherwise fantastic BBC to be aware that astrology is also a minion of our solar system!

Astrology:  astro-logos = the interpretation of the stars (hermeneutics)

Astrophysics:  astro-physis = the nature of the stars

Astronomy:  astro-nomos = the laws of the stars

Astrology is the great bridge between earth and its lifeforce and the heavens . . .

Thank you, Erin Sullivan

Visit the site and sign the petition.

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