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It has come to this!  A Blog.

On several occasions, I have had questions asked that would apply to more than just one person, or I’ve come across an article I think you might like, or information I think you would want to have———–sooooo I’m setting this up for you, my clients, friends and family.  I plan to invite other Astrologers to write for this as well, so you have some great stuff to look forward to.

And as I watch a revolution take place in Egypt I’m posting the schedule for an amazing series for 2011.
See the next post and I’ll see you next time!

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  1. deborah sauter says:

    you are always the coolest!!!!

  2. Renee B says:

    Yay! I hope you find yourself writing quite a lot, so that we can benefit. Your art show pix on FB were fabulous–mixing Art & Astrology is dear to my heart, as you know. I hope your blog will showcase your art as well as your words. Welcome to the blogosphere, my dear.

  3. nancydionne says:

    Great Claudia, I look forward to more posts.
    -The House Builder : )

  4. ziabaki says:

    Congratulations on the birth of your star. Love you! ♥

  5. Judith Barrington says:

    now perhaps I’ll finally learn where to look for the most famous stars (not on the red carpet). I’m fascinated by what you do and convinced that I cannot remember a single fact about it. But I”m glad you’re embracing your talent and knowledge and sharing it with idiots like me. xxx

  6. Tom Ayres says:

    Wow! I’m impressed. Once again you are the first person I know to charge fearlessly into a new area of the brave new computerized world. I am a little worried about one thing. Could this cause a hole in the bloggisphere? And if so, could that result in bloggal swarming? You know I’m a worryer.

    I look forward to enjoying and benefitting from your wisdom.

    Your Fan,

  7. Skydog Institute says:

    I tell ya what Mr. Ayres–I think you have it backwards. I am YOUR fan! I can never write right back because I’m laughing too hard. So can I use your chart when I talk about what it takes to have a sense of humor? you don’t mind do you?

  8. Barbara Temple Ayres says:

    How can anyone follow up on that interchange? Congratulations – I guess, because I really don’t know what a blog is, but if you do it, I’m sure we’ll all benefit. Lead on, o fearless leader!

  9. Lynn Wilson says:

    . . .now she’s blogging! I can’t tell you how impressed I am. Claudia is awesome !

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