Something about Aquarians

There is something so unique about Aquarians–HOT TIP–they love hearing that!–if you want to ‘know’ an Aquarian–just notice all the ways in which they are ahead of the pack–on the cutting edge–see how unique and quick they are– and how they can point out the obvious.  Note how they see the elephant in the room and with precise timing and a wee bit of innocence point at it, speak out about it– and heads turn–or roll 🙂

In the night sky, the constellation–the stars of Aquarius — the water bearer was called The Great One.  Finding out that their sign was deemed The Great One causes high five-ing among the Aquarians in any workshop I’ve had the privilege of leading.

Today is my partner Susan’s birthday.  She is The Great One.  Yup.  (I secretly know that I, as a Capricorn, am the President–and that she is on “my cabinet”–but the fact remains, that she be the great one–and it makes for a happy relationship)


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