Pluto is alive and well and living in Paris

Painting in the catacombs in Paris - photographs by Steven Alvarez

Cataphiles (people who love the Paris underground) tell me this sort of thing is perfectly normal when you return to the surface; you can’t help it, they say. You picture the cool, still freedom of the underground, with all its possibilities.

Heads down Capricorns!   Go to: National Geographic Article-Paris Catacombs

Since Pluto went into Capricorn in November of 2008 (and is now at exactly at the same degree as my Sun) I’ve been fascinated and listening for stories from ‘down there’.  Plutonian tales. Stories that may shed light on this archetypal power lurking in my ancestral DNA.  I mean he IS Hades — the God of the Underworld which I prefer to call the “other world”.  He is the Lord of where diamonds are forged and darkness reigns, the dead are buried, the unseen is well –dark and invisible, right?

So yes, in addition to watching the financial markets dive below the horizon (Capricorn structures reinventing economies), experiencing fear of the unknown, being a little scared, even starting a blog– life has been — how you say– INTENSE!!

So when I stumble upon articles like this one in National Geographic called Paris Catacombs–the invisible becomes visible.

And that, as my colleague, Carol Ferris said at our first Horizon seminar on Sunday, is one of the jobs of the astrologer–to make the invisible visible.  Yes.

Take a tour through the Parisian catacombs.  What do you see?

They're called cataphiles, people who love the Paris underground.
In an abandoned quarry tunnel under Paris, with the faint rumble of Métro trains far overhead, a painter known as Lone adds the last strokes to his masterpiece: a mural based on Swiss artist Arnold Böcklin's "Isle of the Dead." Entering the quarries is illegal, so cataphiles like Lone prefer nicknames. It took him more than a year to finish the painting. In all, he estimates he has spent 2,500 hours in the quarries.

I see possibilities.  How amazing is that!

I’m going to walk around town as a secret cataphile–

Into the 19th century those caverns and tunnels were mined for building stone. After that farmers raised mushrooms in them, at one point producing hundreds of tons a year. During World War II, French Resistance fighters—the underground—hid in some quarries; the Germans built bunkers in others. Today the tunnels are roamed by a different clandestine group, a loose and leaderless community whose members sometimes spend days and nights below the city.

They’re called cataphiles, people who love the Paris underground.

I’ll get back to you with a report from Pluto later–for now–I’m going to look at the art.


people and pups

Baz (not pictured:Ralf and Jilly)

After a particularly wonderful class this weekend, and amidst earthquakes, sirens, a tsunami, bombings in Libya, walking the dogs in the park, spring arriving,  listening to many stories both anxious and inspired–I am left with a precious life–made more so by having all of you in it.

and as per Marcia’s post I caught the wave.

What wave did you catch this auspicious weekend?  Let us know.

An Illuminating Weekend in March

For your information–some news about this weekend.

On Saturday the 19th of March, Gwendolyn Endicott-a local goddess and brilliant mythologist/storyteller, will once again provide a place to gather to celebrate and acknowledge the seasonal cycle–the Equinox–when the day and night are equal.  She does this at all four points every year. You don’t have to be there–it is just good to know it is happening.  It is a good thing.

AND—That night the full moon will be Very close to our home, the earth (that is called ‘perigee’ ).  It will be very bright–called a Supermoon–actually in this case it is called “An Extreme Supermoon” (see article below)

AND–not only that– just hours after the exact Equinox, Uranus and the Sun will be conjunct in the impetuous sign of Aries.

On Sunday, Carol Ferris and I will be conducting Seminar #1 in the Reach for the Horizon series for 2011.  We will be spending the day thinking about the lights–the sun and very close moon.  We will be navigating through art and stars and sacred sites, the luminaries in our lives.

We wish you well as you sail through these times.


This is indeed a Special Spring Equinox!

Balance is key.

Listen to Cayelin Castell speak to what she calls “a once in a lifetime spring equinox 2011”: Once in a lifetime spring equinox

a bit about that Supermoon:

From Sri Lanka News online: Colombo University Senior Lecturer in Physics Dr Chandana Jayaratne yesterday said there was no truth in internet reports that the March 19 full moon will cause earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones and other extreme weather disasters.

“The March 19 full moon will be a special type of full moon since it will coincide with the moon’s perigee. The moon’s orbit around the Earth is not circular, but elliptical. When the moon is at its closest approach to Earth we say that the Moon is at perigee. The furthest point of this elliptical orbit is known as apogee. As such the Moon comes closer to the Earth once in about every month, but not every time the full moon too falls on the same day, Dr Jayaratne said in a release yesterday.

He said on March 19, 2011 not only will full moon and perigee coincide, but the Sun and Moon will be lined up with the Earth’s equator since it’s almost the time of the vernal equinox (where sun passes the equator Dr Jayaratne said on March 19, the moon lies only 356,575 kilometres away).

Earlier this month, the moon swung to apogee – its farthest point for the month – on March 6. At that time, the moon was 406, 583 kilometres distant. The moon comes much closer to the Earth during March 18-20 this month. March 19 won’t only feature the closest Full Moon of the year, but the Moon at its nearest and largest for all of 2011. When the moon reaches its absolute closest point to the Earth we called an “extreme supermoon”.  This is the first extreme super–moon occurs in nearly 19 years, he said.Closest full moons recur in cycles of 14 lunar months (413,428 days) and therefore this is not a very rare phenomenon to cause panic. (A lunar month refers to the time period between successive full moon,s a mean period of 29.53059 days).

This time period is equal to about one year, one month, and 18 days. Full moon and perigee will realign again on May 6, 2012, because the 14th full moon after March 19, 2011 full moon will fall on that date, Dr Jayaratne said. He said every perigee moon has not brought disaster and this one is no different.

A perigee moon will affect tides and even appear bit bigger. This extra-closeness of the full moon on March 19 will usher in somewhat larger tides along the ocean shorelines for the next several days, especially if these high tides are accompanied by strong onshore winds.

Fishermen are aware about these high tidies and the precautionary measures necessary to be taken.

Moon, Saturn and the bright star Spica are visible close to each other on Saturday night sky on March 19, 2011 creating a beautiful view to sky gazers, he said.

Be well and look up and light a candle or two.

Welcoming you to the first class in the Horizon Series


NOTE:  We still have a few spaces available for the Nehalem site–March 20th in Nehalem  10-4

Registration and birth data due March 6th – contact Claudia via the form below

Portland March course is full–March 27th in Portland  10-4 Registration and birth data due March 13th

Starry Night over the Rhone                                  Van Gogh

PICTURING THE COSMOS: We will explore The Great Lights: the Sun, The Moon and The Fixed Stars and their appearances in art, music, and politics over the ages.

About the first class:

When we see the images (yes we will be looking at art) something resonates, memories emerge, questions arise, something is recognized—we ‘feel’ something.  The myths and stories that the sky has inspired from the Cave drawings to the Impressionists and beyond enter our psyche’s and we see that we “know” more than we thought.

We may feel “known” as well.

We become connected and perhaps inspired.

INSPIRATION– in·spi·ra·tion

  • Physiology-the drawing of air into the lungs
  • Stimulation for the human mind to creative thought or to the making of art
  • Divine guidance and influence on human beings

Using Art and Astrology as our stepping stones, we will look at your charts to discover where you can look for creativity, air, guidance, and access to inspiration.

Contact Claudia if you would like to register for all or part of the series:

Again—a warm welcome to the first in the series for 2011

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