people and pups

Baz (not pictured:Ralf and Jilly)

After a particularly wonderful class this weekend, and amidst earthquakes, sirens, a tsunami, bombings in Libya, walking the dogs in the park, spring arriving,  listening to many stories both anxious and inspired–I am left with a precious life–made more so by having all of you in it.

and as per Marcia’s post I caught the wave.

What wave did you catch this auspicious weekend?  Let us know.

2 thoughts on “people and pups

  1. OK, the wave I caught was about my art (duh). Ever new, ever renewing, this art game is a good pastime for a life. The wave was about moving away from the expression of what seems to be real, to the territory of generating a new “real”. A real that emerges directly from the process, fueled by an overall theme or intention. Now, as an artist, i know this. But over the past several years, I had lost this particular path and was wandering, place holding, until this last Big Moon. Thanks for the opportunity to grab this one. xo

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