Reach for the Horizon Series–a good place to be in 2011

As we reach the halfway mark for the Reach for the Horizon Series for 2011

Carol and Claudia want to say


Thank you for your interest, your participation and for being such great students of the stars

And we want to invite all of you to the Rest of the Series

The next event will be in August 2011 and the next classes are scheduled for September and November

Information below and coming soon—but IN THE MEANTIME visit our site for updates and articles to keep you on your toes as this year’s events unfold.

We hope to provide articles and information to assist you as you travel through these incredibly active and intense times.


Register at the site to be notified when a new article is posted

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Words and Images welcome!

We’d love to have you join the astrological conversation.  Really.

Let’s stay in ‘class’.

Click here for the Online Brochure and some images from the April Venus/Mars Seminars


A chance to be out under the starry sky and be at that horizon where the earth and the heavens meet

We will see the stars and constellations up close and personal

Guest Astrologer, Marcia Buchart, will join us–and she knows those stars and their stories!

August 28-29-30, 2011

Saturn will set in the arms of Virgo

and Jupiter will be in the stare of Cetus

The next classes will be in September in both Nehalem and in Portland (you can go to either one)

Below are dates and links to enter into your date books

IN SEPTEMBER~Somewhere out there: the transpersonal planets Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and their invisible power in our system.

September 11th in Nehalem 10-4

Registration and birth data due August 28th

September 18th in Portland  10  4

Registration and birth data due September 4th

IN NOVEMBER~ Down to Earth: working with personal charts; questions and answers.

November  6th in Portland 10-4

Registration and birth data due October 23rd

November 13th in Nehalem  10 – 4

Registration and birth data due October 30th

Registration Information

(Note:  Register early as classes sizes are limited—a waiting list will be available and deposits and chart data are due two weeks prior to Seminar.)

Contact:  Carol Ferris:

Claudia Johnson:

Cost: $75/session

Non-refundable deposit ($25 per session) and birth data due 2 weeks prior to each session.

More information upon registration.

Field trip info TBA

Questions?  contact either Claudia (  or Carol (


Mark your calendars  and register and know that we look forward to being with you

Visit and register to receive updates at:


(email Claudia at to post something other than a comment—she’ll make it pretty for you and whoosh—you are part of the team!)

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