Options for Consultations with Claudia:

A little movie about you! Cost:  $200

This is one of my popular options. I will make a movie tailored especially for you that you can watch at your computer. You will have access to it online, be able to download it, keep it on your computer or make a cd for yourself for later. You will hear my voice taking you through the night sky, see my cursor pointing at the most important things for you to know, and speaking to what you may want to have in your “backpack” for the journey you are on at this time in history. This is a very empowering option and quite fun!

Full Reading in person with me via Skype/WebEx or Phone or in person

Cost:  $180

With this option we will be in conversation in person. We will work together to understand the implications that the movements of the planets and the constellations have for you personally. The Session usually lasts an hour to an hour and a half. We will be going through the most important issues facing you today and what the path ahead holds for you over the next year or so. I will then email you a copy of the sound from our time together and additional reports and information that I think you may find helpful.

I am happy to mail you a cd of the sound upon request (add $7)

Contact Claudia to schedule a consultation: or 503-368-3366



You may reach Claudia at the addresses below to schedule a consultation.

Sky Dog Institute

Consultant Astrologers

 Claudia Johnson, M.A.
PO Box 223
Nehalem, Or 97131



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  1. Hi Claudia, thanks for getting back to me. The friend I mentioned in my voice message (garbled) was Susan Marriott. She thinks highly of your work and for the little that I read, I would agree. I’m not sure how this site is set up (yet) but will venture forward. Wade

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