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On a personal level, it is a time to let sleeping dogs lie, unless you are dealing with a big company that is pissing you around: now is the time to savage them. Or unless you have much Libra or Pisces, in which case it is time to act out of character and be direct with people. Generally, you are good at putting difficult truths to people, because they don’t feel you are against them; but paradoxically, you are the last person to do this because you don’t like upsetting people – and because, coward that you are, you want people to like you! 🙂

If you are not Libra or Pisces and you head on in there, you are likely to meet misunderstanding (Mercury is retrograde until 24th April) and irrational, explosive anger (Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries), either in yourself or another person. Right now, Pluto is stationing in square to Mars and Uranus, so conflicts are likely to be shadow-boxing. If you are prepared to go there, you can learn a lot about yourself if you look at what it is that angers you. With the line-up in Aries, however, it is hard to be reflective, and that may have to come later.

On the other hand… this month is an exceptionally good time for bold, original initiatives. Now is the time to start.

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