From a quick post (he calls the post “a cosmic blip” )  by Astrologer Phillip Sedgwick:

Remember, it’s Mercury retrograde time from March 30th through April 23rd. Great time to review things in progress. Not so much for signing new contracts, entering agreements and all documents related to new launches. Check all facts and figures before sending them out the door. However, there’s always the midpoint day in the retro cycle when things can actually if signed on this date and only this date during Mercury retrograde. This time it’s April 9th. Use it well.

Starting at 11:17 GMT on April 2nd through 23:47 GMT April 4th, we have the Moon, Mars, Uranus, Sun, Jupiter, Eris and Mercury retrograde all in Aries! Get clear. Shoot straight. Remember the tendency to react in a hair-triggered, supercharged manner prevails. State your agenda and wait ten seconds before stating it again. Play nice in the sandbox. Avoid badger mentality. Remember, everyone wants to turn the world around to their favor, just like you do.

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