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Sending you on over to Adam Gainsburg’s blog for good read about Uranus in Aries which is rather VISIBLE  and palpable these days!

The Ordinary is the Extraordinary

Uranus into Aries

uranus-2011-03 The planet Uranus is now in Aries. For good. Permanently for the next 7 years. Done deal.

So what can we expect from this permanent and irrefutable fact, the likes of which we haven’t lived through since 1927-8. But that’s just it: Uranus is the unexpected, unpredictable outcome that blows your mind. It’s thoroughlyanti-expectable. “There’s no way anyone could have ever known that would happen!” is heard more often from the mouths of the Uranus-affected than any other. While Aries is the sign of explosions, speed and personal freedom. As the first sign, it signals beginnings.

Uranus’ move into Aries =
1. new, unexpected beginnings and forced start-overs – even if we don’t understand why;
2. fighting (Aries) for freedoms (Uranus);
3. breaking the norms; exploding the past (if the past is inhibiting betterment).

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