~oh ho the wells fargo wagon and the VAN are comin~

When my sister and I were kids we would dance in front of the mirror — and sing–really really LOUD, songs from various musicals.  One of them was The Wells Fargo Wagon –you know–from The Music Man.  We were great–no really–and we got into the songs.  With this one we really believed that something great was gonna happen.  Something was coming. We had to believe it in order to be the stars we knew we were meant to be.  We still watch the Oscars and plan acceptance speeches.

me and my sis

Something big could be coming! That is how I feel when one of Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzberg’s VANs arrive in my mailbox.   “VAN” stands for Visual Astrology Newsletter and these two remarkable scholars have been putting this out every month for I think something like 6 years!  Like a practice they write and share knowledge about our night sky.

They do their “homework” and speak about the way the “priest/astrologer” in Mesopotamian times would have seen the story playing out on that silver screen called the night sky.  What a stage!  What lights! What action!  (ok I’ll stop).

I know there was no musical theater playing songs that my sister and I would sing to, but I do experience the anticipation waiting for the VAN to arrive. I stop what I’m doing and print it out and read it.  I want you to know about this newsletter and those times — when the sky was present and up close and personal.  One great way to do that is to follow Bernadette and Darelyn’s lead, subscribe to and read the VAN.  You just might feel like singing.

Well–maybe that’s just me.

But check it out anyhow.

This month Bernadette addresses The Arab World and the Jupiter Saturn cycle

The 40 Jupiter Saturn conjunctions and their movement through the signs via the elements.

Um—Definitely NOT a musical.  But good grief–talk about a drama playing out in our lifetime.

Ya Got Trouble

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