A Mundane Astrological Study of the Revolution in Egypt by Erin Sullivan

I highly recommend this article by Erin Sullivan regarding Egypt and the astrology–excerpt from the first page:

Today, we are far from a new order, far from a “day in which it will all be organized” . . . and deep in the mystery of metamorphosis.  And, because no moment is ever like another, we have neither model nor memory-chain to guide us.  It is a rich time for astrology, philosophy, sociology, ideology and other human/social orientated thinking, but it is alarming to our limbic brain . . . our emotional non-verbal brain.  And, it is “interesting times”, for sure.

In the Canadian national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, columnist James Bradshaw writes: “Political Science Professor Wayne Cox, at Queen’s University at Kingston, “ . . . feels compelled to set aside the planned material for his four-year seminar Conflict and Peace in the Middle East, in favor of a free-ranging discussion on what caused the unrest in Egypt, as the political landscape is remade before the world’s eyes . . .” Bradshaw continues to quote Prof. Cox, What they [political scientists] are encountering seems to Prof. Cox,  “quite un-orderable” and further,  “. . . what happens when the collected wisdom of text books can’t keep pace with a permanent geopolitical shift in the making?”

Prof. Cox opens his unprogrammed three-hour seminar with the question:  “What is it about this particular time, in this particular place that has made a social movement that has remarkable persistence just suddenly emerge?

The answer:  we look to astrology for the analysis and details of otherwise unaccountable events and currents.

Continue reading by clicking to Erin’s Site — You will also want to watch her most recent video blog about all this on her home page at ErinSullivan.com

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