Wounded Waters—Neptune and Chiron in Pisces by Jessica Murray on March 1, 2011

Piscean transits will make it relentlessly clear to the obtuse human mind that we’re all in this together. This article at : DayKeepers Journal

The Great Flood

Every culture old enough to have legends has a version of the Great Flood story. It is a tale that resides deep in the collective unconscious, telling of a deluge (Neptune) whose purpose is to all-but-destroy an irremediably wounded (Chiron) human race, giving the few survivors a chance to start all over again. Since the opposition of Saturn (structures) and Neptune (melting) in 2006-7, the mass mind has been inundated with the latest iteration of the legend. We are awash in the imagery of breaking levees and flooded cities. Animals and birds are migrating away from the planet’s climate-compromised zones, seeking higher ground—just as they did in the story of Noah’s ark (see the Skywatch for March 2011 on MotherSky.com).

Myths exist in the human mass mind for a purpose. The Great Flood myth is experiencing a renaissance, in our era, in order to supply us with a coded multidimensional teaching. It is giving us an image of vengeful water, of gigantic floods that wash everything clean. We are being prompted to purify that which we have made toxic, and to take responsibility for the guardianship of our planetary home.

On a physical level, geological and meteorological water emergencies over the years ahead will force us to understand and revere the laws of water. At the same time, we will be absorbing this lesson on a trans-physical level. Our enhanced attention to water will show us the extent to which we are all psycho-spiritually bound together. Neptune and Chiron in Pisces will make it inescapably clear that all beings are drops of water in the same cosmic sea.

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